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backdrops and hoops

Consider renting a backdrop or frame if your location doesn't have a place to anchor a balloon garland or you'd like to enhance the look of your party.

Color fringe wall

10 x 7 Mulit color woven backdrop.

Rental includes square frame to hang fringe curtain on, delivery and installation. 


12 foot by 12 foot fringe wall
8 foot by 8 foot arch

Balloon Hoop

8 x 8 metal hoop to decorate with balloons.

Rental includes balloon hoop, delivery and installation. Balloons are quoted separately. 


sequin curtain

5 x 7 sequin curtains in an assortment of colors. Please make color request in order form.

Rental includes 2 sequin curtains, delivery and installation on metal frame.

Balloons are quoted separately. 


Blue sequin backdrop
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