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It's all about the balloons. Big or small they always make an impact. Balloon decoration is the top way to enhance any party. All arrangements are customized to fit your theme.

Organic Balloon Arch School Blue Yellow Gold_edited.jpg

Organic Balloons

This set up for a school included a 16 foot organic balloon garland, 8' x 8' hoop rental, two gold fringe curtains and two horse mylar balloons.

Balloon Mosaics

This balloon mosaic was created for a little girl's first birthday. It was a Parisian theme. Originally the mom wanted a balloon garland in soft macaron colors but I suggested a custom Eiffel Tower balloon mosaic to better bring the theme to life.

5' Custom Balloon Mosaic 

Crazy Towers

This Crazy Tower reaches 7' tall and was made for a wonderful girl's graduation and celebration of her full scholarship to her school of choice. The 3' foot jumbo balloon comes with customizable vinyl decal.

7' Custom Crazy Tower

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